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Guangxi electric power supply in 2015 is expected to appear larger gap

Release date:2014/10/16 click:times

In 2015,the Guangxi hydropowerwill be put into operation inNanningoldport150000 kW,230000 kWthermal powerwa Cun;no largeprojects put into operationof nuclear powerproduction;Fangchenggang redsandnuclear powerphase of 2160000kilowatts。Guangxi 2015 is expected tomore than 7400000 kilowatts ofelectricitysupply gap,the gapamounted to 29000000000 kwh。

Is expected to "1025" periodGuangxineeds to addpowerinstalled capacity of 18000000 kilowatts,by the end of 2012has been completed 4900000kilowatts.Is expected to "1035"period toadd powerinstalled capacity of 23000000 kilowatts,to guarantee the power supplytask is very onerous.

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