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Guangxi power grid disaster damage all the restoration of power supply line

Release date:2014/10/16 click:times

TheNanningdispatch(reporter / Tan Zhuowencorrespondent / Mao Yuxian)after several days ofcomprehensiverepair,as of September 19th,the Guangxi power griddisaster damageall therestoration of power supplyline.

It is understood,the typhoon"Seagull"begins to affect Guangxifrom 16 am,the traveling speed is quick,high strength,high rainfall,and"Ramasun"impact of regionalbasicoverlap,caused greatdamage to theGuangxi power grid,Guangxi power gridline tripcaused by a total ofmore than 1200times,50 substationshasoutage,4300multiple basetowerdamage,more than 20000transformerpower outage,tollsaffect usernumber reaches1615000 households.

Guangxi Power Grid Corpforthe power of the whole company,allocation of the wholenetwork emergencyrescue team,to"ensure safety,residents,protect the people's livelihood,protect auser" principle,tousetelex releasein the firstrestore the customer,in the repairworkinvestedrepair personnelmore than 1 people,generating34 car,a generatorof more than 200 Taiwan,to carry out a comprehensivepost earthquakerepairelectricalwork,the firsttime to restorewater,hospital,government departmentsand other importantcustomer power supply。

At the same time,the company attaches great importance tothe customer equipmentrepairelectricalwork,minimizethe typhooninfluenceelectricitybrings tothe basic living of residents.For residentsof high-rise residentialrepaircomplexwork,temporarily unable torepair,using theemergencygenerator cartemporary power supply,timely relief ofelectricitydifficultiesfor residents.

Source: Guangxi dailySeptember 20, 2014Author: Tan ZhuowenMao Yuxian

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