• Enterprise:Guangxi Xingguang Power Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  • Cellphone:13877101666
  • Phone:0771-3805033
  • Fax:0771-3805099
  • Hotline:4008-333-086
  • the site of factory:Guangxi high tech Zone Gaoxin Avenue West Nanning City, No. 15
Service center

Guangxi Xingguang Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

24 - hour service hotline: 4008-333-086

After-sales service phone: +86-13877109111

Tel: +86-771-3805033

Fax: +86-771-3805099

E-mail: gxxgpower@163。com

Web site:

Site: high tech Zone Guangxi city Nanning High Road West No. 15

Professional generators, electrical equipment manufacturing sales and service operators quality creates the brand service creates value

In order to better provide quality and timely services to customers, the company set up in various regions have a branch / Office of each area, please contact with our after-sales service center!

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