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Excellent performance

Selection of domestic and foreign well-known engines and generators, according to the demand of product use reasonable design models and supporting different control system, makes the product strong power, stable performance, strong load capacity.

Strong adaptability to the environment

Product capable of reliable operation in -25 C and 40 C ambient conditions, cold starting ability strong, can run normally in the cold, wet, tropical, sand and other adverse conditions, plateau type products can work normally at an altitude of 5000 meters area, power loss rate is low。

Intelligent control system

Control system uses multi function computer programming module and electronic management system combined, with self starting, automatic protection of electric power generation, city \ automatic conversion, multi machine parallel and remote control and other functions, to achieve product comprehensive, intelligent, network management and control, so that the product operation to achieve the best state, to avoid accidental injury.

Energy saving and environmental protection

With a selection of the world's leading technology of the engine, with a base of high performance damping system and steel, compact design, small vibration, low fuel consumption, low noise, excellent emission index.

Use economy

The use of standard design, strong versatility, convenient production and maintenance. The selection of famous brand engine, high reliability, long overhaul period。 The fuel system is advanced and efficient generators

The supporting design of saving fuel, reducing the use cost.

Sales and service

Provide technical advice, as a user generator selection, load capacity analysis, generator room design, environmental design, equipment installation plan silencing。

After-sales service

For customers to provide free operation unit operator and maintenance training, free of charge to the user the life-long training technical operator. The establishment of user data files and recording unit maintenance replacement parts details, hand tracking service, preferential prices to provide the spare parts。

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