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Founded four years congratulate Nanning, promotions reward new and old customers

Release date:2014/10/27 click:times

October autumnharvest season,ushered in thegreat day offouranniversary of the establishment of the GuangxiStar PowerEngineering Co. ltd.!In the majority of customerstrust andsupporthas madeoutstanding achievementand market share,Guangxi star powerfrom the establishment,development,growth tothe establishment of the Beihaibranch,Fangchenggang branch,Guilin branch,Hechi branch and othersalesservice network,Guangxi Xingguangcompany's future will bein the Guangxi regionto establish a branch orofficefor bettercustomer service,Guangxi Xingguangsuccess todaycannot do withoutthe efforts of all staffandthe trust of our customers.To celebratethisfestive day,thanks to thenew and old customers,Guangxi star powerwill hold a series ofcelebrationactivitiesin 10-12 monthpurchase discount.

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